Realme Releases the C67 Smartphone with a 108MP Camera in SA

Realme Releases the C67 Smartphone with a 108MP Camera in SA

The 108MP camera smartphone, the C67, from Chinese smartphone manufacturer Realme, made its debut in South Africa. It costs R7 500.

For customers in tight situations who don’t have a lot of money to spend on expensive phones—even if they are on contract—this could be encouraging.

Despite being marketed as a fantastic phone for “trendsetters everywhere,” the C67 is actually a midrange smartphone that costs a lot less than other brands.

Supported by an 8GB+8GB Dynamic RAM configuration, the Snapdragon 685 chipset powers the C67.


But one drawback of the Qualcomm chip is that it does not support 5G, which can be a major issue for gamers who play a lot.

When you need speed to navigate a game or stream the newest movie, 4G and 3G just won’t cut it with the abundance of streaming services and games available today.

The C67 may be the first smartphone in its class with a 108MP camera and a 3X in-sensor zoom if you’re an avid photographer, but a review and test of the device are necessary to ascertain the quality of the photos.

Although Gen-Z will enjoy the C67, the lack of gaming power is a letdown. It does, however, have a large 6.72-inch display with a refresh rate of 90Hz.

large battery

The Realme C67 has a substantial 33W SUPERVOOC charge and a powerful 5,000mAh battery. In just 26 minutes, its battery can charge it to 50%. It can also be used for reverse charging in addition to this.

The C67 can run on standby for up to 38 days, depending on usage, for people who are constantly on the go.

The C67 has IP54 water resistance because it recognizes that its users need a gadget that can keep up with their adventurous spirit.

Black Rock and Sunny Oasis are the two color options.

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