Review of the most visited radio stations: DJ Soushi

Review of the most visited radio stations: DJ Soushi

Radio Javan is one of the most visited music platforms among Iranians

   In this platform, there are Iranian music in different styles

   They also have different sections like music videos, podcasts and remixes where different people can showcase their works.

   Today we went to one of the most popular artists of Radio Javan. Let’s talk about it. Soushi,  DJ Soushi was able to be among the top songs of Radio Javan and appear in the top ranks with a large number of listeners.

   It is not the first time that he has been able to attract the audience to his music with his musical intelligence. And he has always been able to have many listeners in his music

   We have news from an informed news source that DJ Soushi is going to release music with famous companies in the world.

   We will provide you with more information in the following sections

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