Rising as one of the finest and exemplary professionals is Mamta Mot from Rajasthan


She has proved her mettle as a Radio Jockey, Program producer, Administrative Assistant at a prestigious institute, business owner and also a social worker.

It sometimes takes years for some people to realize their dreams, while some others may understand what their hearts truly seek in their lives. All those who work around their dreams and make bold choices to walk along those challenging paths, more often than not, go ahead in fulfilling their desires and aspirations in life. It is time to celebrate such people of passion, resilience and conviction, especially women, who come from different parts of India. We couldn’t help but notice how Mamta Saraswat Mot emerged as a great example of one such professional, who dived deep into the sectors, she felt passionate about and thus rose as a versatile talent from Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.

Mamta Mot is not your average success story who took traditional paths in order to reach her glory. She instead chose to ride against the tides and create a significant prominence of hers across the niches she chose to become a part of. She did her B.Com, completed her B.Ed, N.T.T, T.E.T, and Diploma in Children’s Development, and currently is pursuing Masters in Mass Communication & Journalism. She has remained a vocalist, a program producer with Radio 7, where she formulates new programs and shows for the community radio. She even attended UNESCO community radio conferences and produced programs for Radio 7 in collaboration with UNESCO. As an RJ with Radio 7, she has done various shows, is a part-time member of Doordarshan and curates and records advertisements.

To top all this, she is an Administrative Assistant at the International Institute of Management, Jaipur. To pass on the good among others, Mamta Mot also chose to do social work with causes like Girl Child and Women Education, Volunteering work for HIV/AIDS children and women for their treatment and Counselling for the Development of underprivileged Children.

Apart from all this, she successfully runs her business of a clothing brand called Gulabo Vastra for her love for sarees and weaves of India, especially from Rajasthan. For this, she has even turned into a content creator, creating some amazing pieces of content on sarees, fabrics of India and the like.

She (@invogue_naari) truly stands as an inspiration to modern-day women across the world.


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