Rising musician DeadOctobers’ excellence in music garners him massive headlines

Rising musician DeadOctobers’ excellence in music garners him massive headlines

His swift rise in the industry can be attributed to his honesty in his craft and his innate creative skills in music.

To make a name for oneself in any industry today is no walk in the park. People need to put in years of hard work to reach where they wish to stand in their careers. Most industries can test people’s patience to the core and pose several challenges in front of them. What people choose to do amidst such times goes ahead in defining their success in their respective fields, says one such self-made artist DeadOctobers, who believed in who he was, his visions, and creative ideas in music and thus went all-in to create a special place for himself in the listeners’ hearts.

DeadOctobers was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and was raised in New York. His life was always filled with too many struggles and hurdles, but his quest to build his career in music helped him walk his path. This was when he decided to take music seriously and tell his story through songs that could radiate his emotions in the most profound ways possible. His debut song “On Me” in 2019 itself was proof enough of the artist he was becoming. This particular song went ahead in amassing thousands of views on streaming platforms. The very next year, he dropped All-Stars, his late-summer hit with Summrsxo. His song .P. A. T. I. E. N. C. E. came in collaboration with NeoSpazzAlot in 2020. DeadOctobers is quite elated and excited for the kind of love and plaudits he has been getting for his latest new song, titled Heart Away, available across major streaming platforms like Spotify https://open.spotify.com/artist/2zAShUCGuvirzOQyRe4Ozf.

As a rising singer with his signature sound, musician, making unique beats, and producer, giving the best final touch to a musical piece, DeadOctobers (@deadoctobers) has shown his excellence in music as a young talent.

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