Rock trailblazer Black Hills Soul has just released their latest Album

Rock trailblazer ‘Black Hills Soul’ has just released their latest Album, “Where It All Begins.” The new Album vividly shows their inspiration from Soul and Rock icons and features melodic guitars, heavy undertones, and honest, reflective lyricism. “Where It All Begins” is now available to stream worldwide on digital music platforms.

“Where It All Begins” conveys to listeners the range of talent of which Todd Tetrehault, James Sautter, Scott Bellew, and William Sautter, known musically as ‘Black Hills Soul’, is capable.

Being in a pandemic is a confusing time, and “Where It All Begins” displays the personal strife of having to figure that out. They explore how to set boundaries, learn, and maybe unlearn life habits, and simply understand how to let things be in the newest Album.

“‘Black Hills Soul’ went through a lot of phases,” says the band. “We’ve loved music for as long as we can remember, but our love for the craft of songwriting and the desire to have a career in music probably started for me at around the age of 18. That’s when I wrote my first song, says James.

Todd’s love and desire to pursue music came much earlier, from the time he first heard Ray Charles when he was in the 3rd grade.  All four of us, have wanted this for the majority of our lives.” The songs have been a thrilling look into the debut Album from Black Hills Soul, which he has described as new rock music for old souls of all ages.

To us, it feels like half of the tracks deal with different stages of life. Some good, some bad, and just the general feeling of new experiences and how great that can be. It also deals with how bad it can be. The other theme is ego: dealing with your own and others personality, breaking points, and becoming keen to these things. The Album is currently sitting at the front of the Billboard and Neilson charts. “Where It All Begins” reflects introspective thinking, learning about yourself and the people around you, and the feelings those actions evoke.

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