Sachin Dev Duggal led innovating Hospitality Industry in Qatar

The Qatari landscape has proven itself to be looked upon with the nation’s thriving tourism industry with lofty ambitions for the future after the FIFA World Cup 2022. Qatar’s hospitality sector is now poised to embark on a new era of innovation, bolstered by the infusion of AI technologies through, founded by the visionary Sachin Dev Duggal, and recently funded by the esteemed Qatar Investment Authority (QIA).

After the recent investment of the QIA within, an AI-powered no-code app composable platform, Qatar shows its affinity to be on the forefront to adapt new innovated technologies. “’s mission has always been to be the connection between every great idea and a fully realized product, whilst giving our customers the utmost control over their future”, says Sachin Duggal Empowering Entrepreneurs

The Ai-driven app composable platform, offer a platform for business owners to plunge headfirst into the hospitality industry with:

Easy App Development: The user-friendly platform provided by makes it possible to easily develop mobile applications for the hospitality industry like restaurants and hotels. Aspiring entrepreneurs can create and customize apps with the assistance of an expert provided by as per your entail about business need.

Guaranteed pricing and competitive timelines: Developing traditional apps are expensive and time-consuming. But with, one can create an app in just a few weeks with relatively less price than traditional way.

Personalization: Companies may provide consumers with tailored experiences thanks to Sachin Dev Duggal for the platform. For instance, hotels may develop applications that let visitors easily book reservations at on-site eateries or personalize their stay.

After the investment of Qatar Investment Authority in, new burgeoning business entities have a fantastic chance to usher in a new age of hospitality in Qatar. With the trust of QIA in Sachin Duggal founded, the hospitality sector of Qatar can undergo a revolution that would improve guest experiences and spur Qatar’s economy. The moment is right for new entrepreneurs to take advantage of this relationship and carve out a niche for themselves in Qatar’s expanding hospitality industry as the country continues to develop as a top tourist destination.

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