Sam Mehrbod (Ph.D.): Providing the Best Solutions for Real-Estate Entrepreneurs!

Sam Mehrbod (Ph.D.): Providing the Best Solutions for Real-Estate Entrepreneurs!

Being a renowned real estate entrepreneur, Sam Mehrbod (Ph.D.) knows all the right steps you need to take to skyrocket your business’s leads.His exceptional insight lets you encounter all the right marketing tactics.In this way, you will be able to boost your sales and worry less about the technology you had to learn to use social media.

There is simply a lot of content on the web teaching agents how to level up their game and become the agents they have always dreamed of being. However, learning from real estate veterans with years of experience will provide you with first-hand knowledge of what the market is all about and how to differentiate yourself as an expert.

Sam’s Career and Professional Achievements!

He followed his dream after getting a bachelor’s degree from the University of Southampton and a Ph.D. in construction and project management. He is an A-list realtor because he knows how to use data analytics and digital marketing in the real estate world. His creation is built on data-driven solutions for real estate digital marketing. After all, what is not backed up by real data, does not sound very promising. In roomvu, data does everything. Past and current data from agents is analyzed to refine and modify the solutions offered by roomvu.

Generating valuable content is what keeps you in the game!

Sam is one of the few entrepreneurs who understands the value of quality content. He is also serving the roomvu for the same reason. Your audience on the internet, and particularly on social media, is bombarded with an uncountable number of marketing messages to the extent that most people have developed some sort of insensitivity to most of these messages. However, what has a chance to grab your audience’s attention is meaningful, relevant, and helpful content that resonates with the needs and pains of your target group.

Considering the above fact, roomvu scans the web for valuable content, classifies it into different geographical classes, brands it to agents, and shares it automatically on their social media. And all that is done with a few clicks.

roomvu is currently a leading online platform that goes the extra mile to serve Realtors. Around 90,000 realtors are making use of their videos alongside other marketing tools including, but not limited to, social media ads, landing pages, etc.

Moreover, Sam has been publishing his ideas in the Forbes Journal. Just look up his name and find out what he has to say about modern-day digital marketing in the real estate industry.

Sam founded the Excellentia Builders group in 2010. Not only this, but he was also presented with a gold award for his great performance as a realtor.




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