Sami Mukahhal – an Instagram filter that he’s proud of

Sami Mukahhal – an Instagram filter that he’s proud of

A growing trend in product and service promotion is using vlogs and social media platforms to promote products and services. Creators are keeping up with Covid-19’s changing social media interactions with relatable, language-agnostic content. Opinion leaders and influencers are now dispensing people with sustainable and healthy promotional content. What better place to express original, unique, and creative ideas than Instagram?

Sami Mukahhal, from Lebanon, is an engaging and inspiring social media influencer. He is known for spreading positivity and humor.

Mukahhal has 161,000 followers on Instagram, mostly Lebanese. It shows how much people admire him.

The goal of a lifestyle influencer has always been to spread joy and laughter. He posts about going to the beach with his family, having fun with his dog, and working out reflect his positive attitude and entertaining nature.

His new Instagram filter, “Lebanese and Proud”, reflects his love for his people and Lebanon. To save the filter, go to his Instagram profile.

Happiness, a way to be creative-

A smile can express hope. Sami believes in the quote, “We all smile in the same language”.  Happiness, he claims, boosts creativity and attractiveness. It’s okay to be consumed by negative thoughts.

The freedom to do anything is a popular belief nowadays. There should be no law, stigma, or negative emotions attached to these pleasures. Mukahhal is a strong supporter of world peace and harmony. To be able to spread positivity and make others smile is an honor and a blessing for Sami.

His Endeavours-

The COVID restrictions kept people at home during Ramadan, so Sami Mukahhal decided to give back to society by hosting a Ramadan giveaway on his Instagram page. It received over 128,000 views and over 3,500 participants.

Mukahhal is a cyber security consultant. His followers represent his recent popularity and recognition. His ability to make people laugh regardless of the situation is remarkable. His life’s work has always been to spread laughter, and he takes it very seriously. He is one of the rising influencers who encourage the youth to stay fit and positive.

For more about Sami Mukahhal, please feel free to visit his website.

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