Samsung enlarges its foldable phone in preparation for CES 2024

Samsung enlarges its foldable phone in preparation for CES 2024

After making foldable phones popular, Samsung is now aiming to supersize the devices.

Massive is the new foldable Samsung that was unveiled in Las Vegas at CES 2024.

Apple hasn’t released a foldable phone (yet), in spite of James Kitto, the CEO of Samsung Mobile, making the prediction.

Because of this, foldable smartphones continue to be a specialized market that the South Korean company dominates.

The Z Flip and Z Fold are the company’s two product lines.

The Galaxy Z Flip has a square form factor and a vertical opening.

In contrast, the Z Fold has a classic candybar shape that is rectangular when it is closed and expands into a larger square when it opens horizontally.

Samsung is attempting to address two major issues for CES 2024.

People prefer bigger displays, to start.

The intention is to maximize the phone’s display’s size once it is unfolded.

However, when folded, the smartphone ought to be roughly “normal-sized.”

Achieving this is challenging, which brings up the second problem: thickness.

When folded open, the current generation Galaxy Z Fold measures exactly 6.73 mm, which is as thick as any other phone.

When folded closed, it is a tad too thick (13.44 mm).

Slimming down these displays is the primary objective.

It is anticipated that the company will also introduce a product, which is rumored to be named Rollable Flex, that, when folded open, can expand up to five times its original size.

Moreover, an 11-inch foldable that unfolds into a 4:3 or 10:9 display will be unveiled.

It will unfold to 17.3 inches or 13.8 inches, depending on your preferred method.

In the days ahead, at CES 2024, and then at Samsung’s yearly unveiling, which usually happens in January, nine months ahead of Apple’s event, more information is anticipated.

The occasion, named “Unpacked” this year, is set for January 2017.

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