Samsung Keyboard will get multiple Generative AI models with just one UI 6.1

Samsung Keyboard will get multiple Generative AI models with just one UI 6.1

The One UI 6.1 update, Samsung will bring various AI and Generative AI features to its phones. A few of those features—like the wallpaper generator, notes summarization, and real-time language translation—have already been made public. It has now been disclosed that Samsung plans to integrate Generative AI into its keyboard application as well.

Samsung Keyboard will get four Generative AI models with One UI 6.1.

Samsung Keyboard will get Generative AI with One UI 6.1. Developers can now test One UI 6.1 with Samsung Remote Lab, according to tipster Vedant Kalore, who discovered the feature’s existence. The video below shows you what the new Generative AI option on Samsung Keyboard will look like. There are four models available: GPT4 (from OpenAI of ChatGPT), PaLM 2 (from Google), Gecko (a Google version of PaLM 2), and Scs (presumably from Samsung?). Additionally, users can select between the LLM and on-device language translation models. The latter seems to be fully offline, while the former may require an internet connection.

Although the exact features and capabilities that these Generative AI models will add to Samsung Keyboard are still unknown, it is likely that they will enable Samsung phones and tablets with functions like text summarization, language translation, and grammar correction. According to a prior leak, Samsung Notes will provide a summary of notes that a user has taken with the S Pen by handwriting them down. According to a different leak, Samsung’s built-in Voice Recorder app can identify up to ten voices and convert them into text, making it ideal for conferences and lectures. It’s possible that some of those features will be added to current phones, like the Galaxy S23.

Many AI and generative AI features are anticipated to be available on Galaxy S24 series phones, which are outfitted with Exynos 2400 and Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processors. These characteristics might set Samsung’s flagship phones apart from competing models from other manufacturers. Many of the AI features on phones in the Galaxy S24 series are anticipated to be powered by Samsung Gauss, an internal LLM (Large Language Model) that the company has developed.

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