Samsung Upgrades The Galaxy Buds 2, 2 Pro, And FE Earphones With Galaxy AI Features

Samsung Upgrades The Galaxy Buds 2, 2 Pro, And FE Earphones With Galaxy AI Features

According to Samsung, owners of Galaxy S24 series smartphones will be able to utilize a few Galaxy AI features, like Live Translate, with compatible Galaxy Buds. A firmware update is currently being applied to the Galaxy Buds2 Pro, Galaxy Buds2, and Galaxy Buds FE to enable the Galaxy AI features.

Users of the Galaxy S24 series smartphones can see real-time call translations while speaking through the connected Galaxy Buds when the Live Translate feature is enabled. Also supported by the Galaxy Buds interface is the Interpreter function, which makes it easier to translate in-person conversations in real time.

When utilizing the Interpreter function on Galaxy Buds, users simply need to speak into the Buds’ microphone; subsequently, another user can access their translated voice via a Galaxy S24 series smartphone. As a result, there will be no need to share the phone or use a split-screen interface to manage translated talking, according to Samsung, which will allow for almost natural conversation between two people.

Samsung has announced discount and upgrade offers on the Galaxy Buds 2 series and Galaxy Buds FE, worth up to Rs 6,000, in addition to the availability of Galaxy AI features. Details are as follows:

Samsung Buds 2 Series: Cost

Galaxy Buds2 Pro: 17,999 rupees
$21,999 for Galaxy Buds 2

Galaxy Buds 2: Available Now

With the purchase of the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro, Samsung is giving customers the option of an upgrade or a cashback discount of Rs 6,000. A cashback discount of Rs 5,000 or an upgrade offer of Rs 3000 is available to customers purchasing Galaxy Buds 2.

Prices and promotions for Galaxy Buds FE

The Buds FE is available for Rs 9,999 and comes with a Rs 3,000 cashback discount. Customers may also take advantage of an upgrade offer for the same price.

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