Samsung uses AI to take back the lead in smartphones

Samsung uses AI to take back the lead in smartphones

In an attempt to retake Apple’s position as the world’s top phone seller, Samsung unveiled its newest Galaxy smartphones on Wednesday, complete with artificial intelligence features.

Samsung president T.M. Roh declared, “Artificial Intelligence will bring about great change in the mobile industry,” kicking off an event in a sports center in San Jose, California, home to Silicon Valley.

According to Roh, Samsung wants to be a leader in this regard. Mobile devices will eventually serve as the main access points for AI.

Foreign language phone calls and texts were reportedly translated in real time by the high-end S24 Ultra that was unveiled at the event.

An executive from Samsung compared it to having an interpreter participate in multilingual phone calls.

The on-device feature, which is supported by Samsung’s AI technology, is available in thirteen languages.

The S24 also has an unparalleled search feature thanks to a collaboration with Google, which powers the Android operating system on the smartphone.

This also uses AI; to search, users just need to circle the words or image they want to look up.

The feature, according to the company, removes the need to switch between apps for searches with intrusive copying and pasting.

AI has also been added to messaging and auto system functions like navigation to help drivers concentrate on the road by either suggesting or managing responses.

AI also improves the phone’s camera capabilities; generative AI helps to eliminate or add background detail.

These artificial intelligence features are powered by the phone or the cloud, and a number of them make use of Google’s Gemini foundational model, which also powers the search engine giant’s Bard chatbot.

The next iPhone 16, which is expected to be released later this year, will include similar AI features.

The titanium frame of Samsung’s S24 Ultra, akin to Apple’s recently unveiled iPhone 15, is said by the manufacturer to have improved durability.

Starting on January 31, the top-of-the-line Ultra model of the Galaxy S24 series will be available for purchase for $1,299, shipping.

The S24 was released in the aftermath of Samsung’s 12-year dominance as the world’s best-selling smartphone, as indicated by industry data that showed Apple’s iPhone had overtaken it for the first time.

Samsung sold 226.6 million units in 2023, but the iPhone sold 234.6 million, according to the International Data Corporation.

Finally, Samsung gave a brief on-screen tease during the event about a smart ring without offering any further information.

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