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Practicing Self-Care in the Time of Pandemic using only Household Appliances

Practicing Self-Care in the Time of Pandemic using only Household Appliances

The COVID-19 outbreak has been raging on for weeks now, completely shutting down companies, industries, and even entire economies. With over a million confirmed cases worldwide and an impending recession, it’s easy to feel frustrated and overwhelmed in these trying times.

When going through difficult and complicated situations, psychologists and other experts often recommend getting into self-care habits to ensure that your mental state is well and balanced. However, practicing self-care can be rather challenging when everyone is advised to stay indoors in self-isolation.

Here’s how you can easily practice self-care in the confines of your home and by using only your household appliances.

Electric Blanket ($34.99)

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Getting a good night’s sleep is one of the best ways to ensure that your mental health is in top shape despite any frustration and fear that you may have experienced throughout the day. Proper sleep is easier said than done, however, with all the phone notifications and anxieties running through your mind.

Wrapping yourself in a warm electric blanket ensures a cozy, comfortable, and soothing rest even when it’s freezing. At 50×60 inches, the Ovente Electric Blanket provides a cocoon for you to sleep in and its integrated heating elements make for a snug and pleasant rest. It’s made of a soft flannel-fleece material that feels like heaven to the touch and also comes with a detachable remote that lets you alternate between three different temperature settings.

Electric Kettle with ProntoFill Technology ($29.99)

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A low-cost and fuss-free way to relax and practice self-care is by drinking a cup of steaming hot tea. However, many underestimate this practical and simple routine due to previous bad experiences with electric kettles and the numerous health hazards that they present.

This is why this Electric Kettle with ProntoFill Technology from Ovente is such a game-changer.

This state-of-the-art kettle is equipped with several safety features that eliminate the risk of burns and other injuries thru Strix Technology a trusted name in the business for decades. It can also boil water within minutes, drastically reducing your waiting time and making your cup of tea even more enjoyable.

Many also rave about the design of this ProntoFill Kettle; with its elegant silhouette and eye-catching lights, you won’t have to sacrifice the aesthetics of your home.

Slow Cooker Ceramic Crockpot ($24.99)

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Practicing self-care also means paying close attention to what you’re consuming. Many of us under quarantine have been forced to cook homemade meals more, but the lure of quick and easy frozen food with tons of added preservatives is oftentimes too difficult to resist.

For those unable to muster up the energy to make dinner after a long day of working from home and listening to the news, this Adjustable Slow Cooker from Ovente is your new best friend.

It’s an all-in-one cooking appliance that lets you create delicious and freshly cooked meals just by throwing in a bunch of ingredients and letting it be. With this slow cooker, you’ll have everything you can think of – from hearty vegetable stews to flavorful paella, and even rich chocolate brownies – at your fingertips.

While physical health should be your main priority during this unprecedented and terrifying situation, your mental health should also be well taken care of. Practicing self-care may be a challenge when you’re stuck indoors but it’ll be less so when you use your everyday household appliances in creative and clever ways.

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