Shabana Azmi and Kangana Ranaut both concur on their views of The Kerala Story

Kangana Ranaut tweeted in favour of Shabana Azmi when she tweeted against people calling for a ban on The Kerala Story.

On Monday, Kangana Ranaut used Twitter to express her support for Shabana Azmi, who had tweeted about the contentious movie The Kerala Story. Shabana has questioned those calling for the film to be banned. It asserts to be founded on a risky plan against India in which several young ladies from Kerala were forced to join the terrorist group ISIS.

Kangana responded to her tweet by saying, “This is a very valid point except for the fact that no one asked for a ban on LSC people just didn’t want to see it for a lot of reasons, the main reason being it was a remake of a very popular old Hollywood classic which most people had already seen.”

The Kerala Story, meanwhile, experienced significant increase on Sunday with earnings of almost 16 crore. Starring Adah Sharma, Yogita Bihani, Siddhi Idnani, and Sonia Balani under the direction of Sudipto Sen.


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