‘Shaitan’ Trailer Reveals Horror Magic! Jyothika’s Hindi Comeback

‘Shaitan’ Trailer Reveals Horror Magic! Jyothika’s Hindi Comeback

The upcoming movie “Shaitan,” renowned Tamil actress Jyothika, who is renowned for her versatile performances, is expected to return to Hindi cinema after a 26-year hiatus. Fans were eager to see Jyothika alongside Bollywood heavyweights Ajay Devgn and Madhavan in the trailer, which was released on February 22.

Throughout her decades-long career, Jyothika has played iconic roles in multiple languages opposite top actors. After an eight-year break, she made a splash when she returned to the movie business with “Shaitan,” her 50th feature debut. Reimagined from the Gujarati film “Vash,” the horror thriller promises an engrossing story around black magic.

While Madhavan adopts a new, intense character that heightens the mystery, the trailer features Jyothika opposite Ajay Devgn. Viewers are looking forward to “Shaitan’s” special fusion of drama and terror and are excited for its March 8 release.

This comeback not only reflects Jyothika’s enduring popularity but also adds a fresh chapter to her illustrious career, which is now expanding into. Watch the magic of Jyothika on the big screen once more by following the updates on the highly anticipated release of “Shaitan.”

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