Shayne Lameyer, co-founder of Wealthyverse Studios

Shayne Lameyer, co-founder of Wealthyverse Studios

From the moment I met Shayne in a Twitter spaces regarding Nft‘s I knew there would be camaraderie between the two of us. 

A distinguished police officer from Houston Texas that has turned his once angel investing in the context of Binance into a lifestyle of guerrilla marketing and advertising for Crypto.

Exemplifying the standard of serving and protecting both in his day to day and in the culture that web3 has created, Shayne and his company “Wealthy-Verse Studios” is making a statement both personally and professionally.

Working as front man, collaboration developer and partnership team member for the Voxel X Network, Delta Flare, Goat Token and another 5-6 crypto projects Shayne’s price (and value) just continues to rise. 

You may catch him in a Twitter spaces looking for talent, fighting crime in the streets of houston, or being a phenomenal husband and father to his family. But know this, Shayne and Wealthyverse Studios has only just begun.

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