The beauty industry today is comparable to the food industry. How? In this new era where fashion predominates, beauty blogs are as essential to the makeup, cosmetic, and skin care world as food is to humans. However, just as we have a variety of cuisines available, there are many beauty contents available online, making it difficult for us to know which beauty content creator to follow. Several bloggers aka “influencers” claim expertise (even when they don’t have it) and often use such platforms to lead us astray. With trends that are copied and pasted time and time after, objectifying women to present themselves in “perfect” package with flawless skin, perfectly shaped bodies, a lifestyle unattainable to many, it’s easy to get carried away and sucked into a rabbit hole. So how do we find genuine content and content creators? that we can relate to without feeling insecure about ourselves? Simple! Search for content creators who hold and advocate a positive and realistic view of beauty. We’ll save you the trouble of scouting as we introduce you to Shikha Layla, a beauty, fashion, and lifestyle content creator who works towards redefining the fashion and beauty scene.

Being a young entrepreneur, she began her journey by venturing into the fashion and beauty industry in 2012 and has over 600K followers today! What strikes her apart from the other influencers is her unique approach toward beauty and how she uses her platform for something beyond beauty and fashion. Through her posts, she aims to generate acceptance and self-love among women. Having an in-depth understanding of how beauty is essential to women all over the world, she hopes to bring forth the side of “real beauty” that doesn’t require excessive transformation but more along the lines of being natural and amplifying one’s best features instead of trying to cover it up with makeup! Or heavily filtering out the real flaws that we all have. She projects her own struggles through tales of conquer and captions her reels with topics taboo to her audience.

Her makeup style is One-of-a-kind, with her signature makeup style being “graphic eyes” @beinglayla_a has been one of the first to introduce this creative makeup aesthetic in the middle east. She plays up her eyes with looks each week in a transition reel that takes her from her messy self to a true work of art within a snap of the finger. So, if you’re someone who loves to try out bold and undaunted styles, then Shikha Layla is your go-to gal!
Her posts represent trends that are usually two weeks ahead of time.  Layla’s style can be described as urban, catchy, and bold. Having travelled across various countries, she familiarized herself with different cultures, as well as being a 3rd culture adult herself raising mixed children in the GCC. she now integrates that jazz into her style. Her fashion style thus represents a mix of cultures, with ethnic, tribal and a bit of boho being her top favourite. Therefore, if you’re looking to jazz up your style game, Layla can help you with that.

Along with beauty and fashion tips, Layla also features humorous reels playing the character called “Aunty Lulwa,” which is a depiction of ethnic aunties from Arab, African, and desi cultures. Her audience seems to enjoy these reels; we highly recommend ‘Aunty Lulwa’ to you when you wish to lighten your mood and have a clean-hearted laugh!

Having a unique sense of taste and style with a powerful message in mind makes Shikha Layla @beinglayla_a the kind of content creator you would want to follow! So, what are you waiting for? Check out her profile today to up your style game!








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