Shohreh Ghamar Teachings in the field of acting

Shohreh Ghamar Teachings in the field of acting

Here, Shohreh Ghamar shares his best acting tips to remind you that the most brilliant impressions on set can only happen when you are yourself.

To practice acting in a movie, ask someone to film you in different close-up, mid-shot, and wide-shot situations, and in each of these scenes, perform your monologues in the best way, for example, how your body position affects and Note the scenery in the wide shot scenes. In mid-shot and close-up scenes, focus on what is happening in your eyes and face. Also, pay attention to the parts of the body and behavior that disappear in the close-up scenes. Try to understand how to act in each of these types of scenes.

Movies are often shot out of sequence so it’s important to know how the sequences and shots you play in will fit into the final film. Be sure to have a thorough knowledge of the scriptwriting supervisor because she is responsible for maintaining the continuity of the film’s story and can always tell you where you are in the story.



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