Singer Chitranshi Dhyani mesmerizes audiences with her soulful and euphonic sound.

<strong>Singer Chitranshi Dhyani mesmerizes audiences with her soulful and euphonic sound.</strong>

Her signature vibe in music will now be seen in the many upcoming songs she is relentlessly working on.

A closer look around will let people know how things have constant changed for the better across industries around the world. This growth that most industries have attained has doubled the opportunities for aspiring talents to make their place into them as successful professionals. Also, a lot has to do with how these individuals make the most of the opportunities in those realms to stand distinctive from the crowd, especially in industries like music, which already overflows with umpteen numbers of talented singers and music artists. Chitranshi Dhyani, too, wanted to make her career in the same as a singer, and hence, even as a youngster, knowing all the odds and facing them, she today is a rising music talent in India.

Originally from Roorkee and currently from Delhi, Chitranshi Dhyani has had one magical journey so far, filled with too many turns, but which taught her something new at every step of the way, she confesses. “If it weren’t for these experiences in life, I don’t think I would have been able to become the confident artist I am today,” she further adds. Getting into the musical world was not an easy choice for her, as she was already doing great as a model, YouTuber, and actor, and then also getting into the music world seemed too tough a task to achieve. But, this girl never gave up and, in 2021, came up with her debut song, “Shaqi Balma,” with singer Salman. This allowed her to get signed by OSM Records, owned by Himanshu Shekhar and Manpreet Kaur.

Chitranshi Dhyani says that the love she received for her first song itself was enough to ignite the fire in her to keep working on new tracks, and that’s what she has been doing now. There are some exciting musical projects in her kitty already, and she can’t wait for enough to drop those new music singles of her soon. 

Be it her euphonic sound or her signature vibe as a singer, Chitranshi Dhyani (@chitranshi_dhyani) only wins back love from listeners.

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