“Skeins in a parallel universe” Take a look at the novel and meaningful artwork of Yalda Dousti, an outstanding and talented Iranian artist.

Humans are constantly searching for their true self after birth. This self-awareness reaches its peak in adolescence, and the further we go, the deeper and better we get to understand our existence truth.

Self-awareness has a direct relationship with God-awareness.

In other words, man can be connected to a higher source by being aware of his existence, which includes the collective consciousness of all humans and originates from the divine source of their Lord.

In one of the latest artworks of Yalda Dousti, a skilled and gifted Iranian artist, named “Tar” this phenomenon is somehow mentioned.

“Tar” is an extraordinary artwork that individually expresses several meanings. Yalda is the first person in the world who has invented and completed this type of artwork.

Literally, In this tableau she has used all skeins and cotton coils.

These skeins are placed side by side in different colors.

If we liken this thread to humans, each thread of this work can be a part of the whole universe, which creates complete unity together.

It is just the same as the story of “Simurgh” by “Attar of Nishapur” (poet and writer of the 6th-7th century AH).

Actually, In this story only thirty chickens out of a hundred can reach the Mount Qaf, which is the seat of their kingdom, or in other words, God.

Consequently, when they reach there, they realize that they are actually the great “Simurgh” (means thirty chickens) which they’ve been looking for.

In this tableau of Yalda Dousti, each skein separately has its story, but when we look at them together, we encounter a beautiful phenomenon that is the essence of the artwork.

The Yalda’s tableau is seated on a frame measuring 450 cm x 150 cm using coils of yarn, and well over 9 thousand rows in 26 thousand meters of woolen yarn are used in 100 different colors.

Completing this artwork for Yalda Dousti faced many difficulties, she failed many times on this path.

Yalda Dousti had no role model to perform this work Since no one except her had ever done something like this in the world; yalda even had to make an iron machine to put the skeins into the tableau at one stage, and she did it by the help of his brother.

Finally, the artwork was completed after about nine months with all its difficulty.

In general, a glance at the tonality, harmony of colors and also their strange consonance together reminds us of the philosophy that says: “Unity is multiplicity and multiplicity at the same time unity”.

Hence, it appears that the thirty chickens came back from the “simurgh” story to our parallel world as coils of woolen yarn once again.

They have been able to become one with each other and create this artistic masterpiece in the form of Yalda Dousti’s “Tar” tableau.

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