Social Media Star & Entrepreneur, Pharaoic, Builds His Own Legacy

Social Media Star & Entrepreneur, Pharaoic, Builds His Own Legacy

Rising Egyptian social media star & entrepreneur Marko Danial, aka Pharaoic, is creating waves through social media. Danial is famous all across the world for his esteemed advice to emerging entrepreneurs, as well as being the founder and CEO of Spzrts.

From a boy who had always been fanatic about sports to becoming a man who engages in and about everything related to sports, Pharaoic has indeed partaken in a long journey. It all started his freshman year in high school, which is when he learned how to handle and utilize Instagram.

Marko Danial got his name Pharaoic from his Egyptian background, and since, it has seemingly become a household name to remember. He created his own sports account at a young age, which went viral. Expectedly, that became his turning point in life, his followers had started pouring in, and Spzrts became a popular name for aspiring sports enthusiasts.

Throughout his journey on various other social media platforms, he learned many marketing tricks and earnings growth in the most effective way. From there, Marko Danial also started his journey as an advisor and motivator for aspiring athletes. For Pharaoic, he aims to relentlessly inspire and motivate others to do anything that they believe in.

From Instagram to YouTube to TikTok, Pharaoic became a name that had a strong network of millions of audiences and followers. It was then that, at such a young age, he achieved his goal of establishing his own company.

His company Spzrts is a sports media company committed entirely to making sports and athletic gear. The mantra to his early age of success is all dedication and hard work, something that he, himself, has learned through his interaction with many athletes across the globe.

Talking about how he helps other athletes grow through his own tactics on social media platforms, he says, “One of the best things about being an influencer and all this social media stuff is connecting with other influential people. You would be surprised at how connected you can be from just reaching out to different people. That is one of the main reasons I have made it this far, by connecting with others, some compelling and popular artists. Interestingly, I currently work with many athletes, where I help manage their social media accounts and help them grow. This not only helps me connect with different people that have the same mindset as me, but I can build those right relationships that can be beneficial to me in the future!”

On the other hand, while giving us a glimpse of how he tackled the many difficulties that came his way, Pharaoic said, “For me, time management was a big struggle. It is sometimes hard for me to keep up with social media and all that posting if I’m studying. I end up losing followers and become inactive if I don’t stay active. But, after a while, I was able to find a consistent way to stay up to date on all my accounts. Now, I’m a college student, but whenever I do have the time, I keep up with social media. That is why it is imperative to organize and use your time wisely.”

“Also, at times, it does become pretty hard to grow on many of these social media platforms. Especially with Instagram, after they started making many major changes and all the competition from Tik Tok, the app itself started becoming inactive. As an influencer, it was harder for our posts to go viral and do well––until recently, Instagram has actually started picking up for a lot of us. Hence, I believe that whenever an obstacle gets in the way, you have to find a way to get through it or around it. That’s why it’s important never to give up, and if you truly want something, you have to work hard for it!” Danial stated.

This is amazing and inspiring as this emerging social media expert is currently studying Engineering and has bigger plans to make his company Spzrts, into one of the best and leading sports companies in the world.

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