Soheil Bigdeli is playing a big role in Iranian handmade carpets industry as a young artist

Soheil Bigdeli is playing a big role in Iranian handmade carpets industry as a young artist

Iranian handmade carpet is one the most luxury merchandises in the world. Carpet weaving art has a long history all over Iran and we have different varieties of handmade carpets and rugs all over Iran. “Kurdish” handmade carpets, “Turkish” handmade carpets, “Isafahan” handmade carpets, “Kerman” handmade rugs and etc. So from the ancient times, the handmade carpets are known as one the most overriding exports of Iran. In that time, they used the “Silk Road” to transport this precious commodity to Europe and all over the world.

But beyond the finical value of this product, through the eyes of Iranians, the carpet is a medium sent to the earth to represent the glory of heaven and paradise gardens. Hence the carpet weaving is much more a kind of art rather than an industry and the carpet-weavers usually count themselves as an artist. 

The art of carpet weaving is still popular, and the passion to become a carpet-weaver is still alive in the heart of Iranian youths. One the most proficient carpet-weavers of the new generation artists is “Soheil Bigdeli”. Soheil Bigdeli (with the real name Mohammad Reza Bigdeli) was born on September 2, 1979, in Qom.

Soheil Bigdeli was born into a family who did not know anything about carpet weaving. Based on his virtuosity, a deep passion for the arrangement of figures and colors in the Iranian carpets and love for his countries culture and art, he started his journey in the carpet-weaving industry. Due to these qualities of Soheil Bigdeli, soon he was known as a professional in this industry and until this time he is officially working as professional for more than 10 years. “The Iranian handmade carpet, league only accommodates the greatest of artists and it has no place for carelessness”, Soheil Bigdeli said formerly in a conference. According to this quote we can realize how deep he urges the place of carpet weaving as a worthwhile art and career.

This vocational vision explains how Soheil Bigdeli manages to win two best carpet awards from the National Carpet Festival in different categories. His two most distinguished works “shaghayegh” and “Zarih” won the best carpet of the year award in 2014 and the best classical carpet of the year award in 2016 respectively. He also won the awards of the best creator in the 6th Golden Knot Festival in 2019 and the 5th Iranian Exquisite Carpet Festival for “Sama” carpet. 

As we said before, the industry of handmade carpets plays a big role in the economy of Iran. With regards to this fact, Soheil Bigdeli opened two boutiques in the most vibrant commercial districts of Tehran. One is located at the Tehran Grand Bazar and the other at the Palladium Shopping Center.

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