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Stefano Cicchini: Details on influencer marketing and its development for the year 2020

Stefano Cicchini: Details on influencer marketing and its development for the year 2020

Like many other fields, the digital breakthrough has revolutionized the realm of marketing as well. As of 2020, the marketing strategies are being formulated on a one-to-many basis. Companies are hiring influencers who can be celebrities, bloggers, topical and industry experts, activists, or like Stefano Cicchini-one of the best travels and food influencers in Italy. Influencers help to build relations with their followers, inform them about the product, and influence them to consume that product. The building blocks of influencer marketing are;

  1. Word of Mouth.
  2. Social media channel.
  4. Trust of followers on influencers.

Characteristics of Influencers

  1. Connection with the field: The messages or posts or videos of an influencer must have to be in alignment with the brand’s interests. Consider the strategies employed by Stefano Cicchini-one of the best foods and travel influencers in Italy. He is famous for collaborating with many national and international brands. Recently, he has been listed amongst the top 250 Italian content creators. He connects with tourism bodies and share the relevant content on social media. He has been the face for #worldmeatfree campaign by Greenpeace. Having prior experience of working as an Instagram Specialist and influencer marketing manager for the known brands like Puma and Milan, he knows how to take the game to the next level through expanding the reach and relevance.
  2. The number of followers: Relevance leads to the popularity of influencers and bagging subscribers or likes or followers or fans or whatever is the metric to gauge the reach of the influencer. Brands calculate the reach of influencers before reaching out to them.
  3. The platform: The platform which an influencer uses to connect to the niche audience is another crucial tool. Connecting to more than is a must for reaching out to as many people as possible.
  4. Quality of the content: If the influencers get successful in resonating with their followers create an apparent difference. The quality content results in a deeper engagement of the audience.

Trends and development of influencer marketing for the year 2020

Micro-influencers: Now companies are shifting their focus towards micro-influencers for time-saving, cost-effective, and more engagement-prone marketing of their product. Unlike conventional influencers, micro-influencers are those who bag less than 100,000 followers on their social media mediums. The benefit of investing in micro-influencers is that they focus on engaging the niche audience, are more dedicated. Micro-influencers understand their audience and engage them with their preferred products. As per the research, micro-influencers have more tendency to engage people as compared to big names, despite their reach is quite low. Micro-influencers charge less, and with their command on the subject, they are ready to rule over in 2020.Experiential Marketing: Now is the time to engage consumers with real-time experiences or to make consumers touch, taste, or smell the brand to create a memorable impact. Influencers are getting more value due to their experiential marketing strategies. Around 75% of the companies believe in holding influencer events to connect with these popular people with the motive of creating an online buzz for their brands.

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