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Storye and her Instagram Fame

Storye and her Instagram Fame

STORYE is an American music artist, writer, and aspiring actress. A native of Port Arthur Texas as she describes as “The Slums”

In the world of Hip Hop, everybody knows Nicki Minaj and Cardi b as a household name but there is always room for a new face on the scene. That new face is STORYE.

STORYE is more than just a pretty face and she is equipped with more than just a sexy body. This hot new rapping sensation has a stage presence that keeps the audience on its feet. Totally engaged and hoping for the party to never end. Coming from Port Arthur, Texas STORYE has always aspired to become a recording artist.

“I couldn’t see myself doing anything else she says” fully determined to reach her goal, she relocated to Atlanta and began to build the foundation that already had been laid through her work in her home town. It didn’t take long for STORYE to make her rounds in the A, she’s a familiar face at many open mic events and has given commanding performances throughout the city, at places like Strokers, stilettos, Magic City, and Chit-Chat just to name a few. She’s also had the opportunity to appear in several music videos as well as the new web series The “Pressure” featuring Rocko, AKON, and Big Boi from Outkast…

Growing up STORYE was influenced by several notable rap artists. She says Eve and Trina were her favorite female artists. After meeting him and becoming very close friends with him STORYE was greatly inspired by the late great “Shawty Lo”

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