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Streetwear Clothing and Quarantine Fashion

Streetwear Clothing and Quarantine Fashion

Are fashion and design on a downswing during this age of COVID-19 quarantine? Well, it’s both a yes and a no. Clothing sales took a dip, and fashion events were cancelled. But that doesn’t mean these lockdowns signal the end of streetwear clothing and other niches in the fashion industry. 

Necessity is Still the Mother of Invention

Believe it or not, this is not the first time the retail clothing and fashion industries have faced a crisis like this pandemic. Necessity gives birth to ingenuity, and it sometimes makes us rethink and reinvent things.

Covid-19 is not the first pandemic that has had a terrible impact on society and industry. For instance, Spanish influenza back in 1918 drove people indoors. Everyone was forced to wear facemasks, and they had to put them on indoors and outdoors too.

Does that sound familiar?

Streetwear is Still in the Limelight

These conditions inspire creativity, and this new 21st-century pandemic is no different. Enter quarantine fashion. Guess what, streetwear thrives in it quite well. Just check out the kaleidoscope of colours and playful designs of the latest Paris Fashion Week AW/2020 this March.

What were some of the biggest highlight pieces? If you guessed streetwear clothing, you’re right! They had everything from plains, colours, plaids, and floral. They showcased a mix and match of things from face masks, hats, matira shorts skirts, jumpers, jackets, hoodies, and—wait for it—skirts for men.

Well, a lot of those men’s skirts were actually kilts for the most part, which is a bit traditional in some parts of the world (particularly those of Gaelic origin). But hey, it may catch on in other places too.

Fitting Into Quarantine Fashion

Some have said that streetwear clothing is definitely headed toward a decline as an industry. Well, if you’ve been checking out social media channels—Instagram in particular—then you will see that the said assessment is quite inaccurate.

Streetwear fits perfectly in a world where zoom meetings are the norm, and people are reinventing high fashion with a touch of creativity just to get over cabin fever and general boredom.

Fashion icon Emma Chamberlain is championing the cause of hoodies, fuzzy jackets, and a cool sense of style. Others tend to show off their shorts, tees, and comfy clothing. If anything, the current trends tell us that we need to be creative to make this work.

Ideas for Your Next Social Media Story

If you’re still figuring out what you may want to post on your Instagram or Facebook story, well, here are a few ideas:

  • Basics for the Guys and Girls

You don’t need to look like you’re gala ready. You’re not due for the runway anytime soon. So, your basic tees, jumpers, jeans, crew shirts, shorts, hoodies, and anything that looks really comfy to wear are in.

Quality premium fabrics and your attention to details spell the difference. You can even throw in a hat to complete your otherwise unprepared for the camera type look.

  • Athletic Wear

The good thing about streetwear clothing is that it can accommodate other types of clothing as well. With the current home workout trend these days, you can slap on elements of your athletic wear to add a different vibe to your look.

A Final Word

The current pandemic and prolonged lockdowns have come as a wakeup call for everyone. It has triggered a change in direction towards quality clothing that fosters self-expression–and streetwear fits in perfectly with quarantine fashion.

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