Stroking uniqueness into her art, Lina Faroussi – an emphatic visual artist

Stroking uniqueness into her art, Lina Faroussi – an emphatic visual artist

Lina Faroussi’s winning attitude, vigour, and determination have made her attain success in the field of arts.

The artworld is filled with exquisite painters and artists who have redefined the way it is perceived with their high-octane creativity, commitment to uniqueness, and staggering zeal and enthusiasm of nurturing the art. With the new technological reforms gouging in the field of arts, it became evident to artists that optimally utilizing the technology will help them reach out to a larger audience and also conserve their surreal art. Among them is a Syrian Canadian artist who has crafted unique artwork and adapted to the changing times with a winning attitude, vigour, and determination; she is Lina Faroussi.

Lina Faroussi is the owner of the popular digital brand “Lina’s”, which was launched in 2018, where she has preserved and presented her old original paintings by printing them on fabric. Lina’s commitment to creating unique paintings got a boost when the digital world sprung to life. Her beautiful work is now available on home interiors, having started with different kinds of fabrics, wearable art. 

Lina Faroussi is an international award-winning visual artist, who has exhibited her artwork across the Middle East, Europe, Canada, and the United States. Her exemplary vision and creating unique works have won her various awards. Her indelible work has been published many times in international art, book, and magazines. She loves to express herself in acrylic, coupled with a variety of mixed media on canvas, wood panels, adding nuanced elements to enhance her work.

Lina Faroussi’s art consists of spirituality and creating universal connections spanning cultural divides. Her art is imaginative, figurative, and abstract, depicting human figures tinted, stretched, and textured into beautiful, different-worldly beings. She infuses raw emotions to these spectacular figures, displaying innovative artwork with emotive strokes. Lina currently resides in Toronto, Canada; she has upscaled her artwork and gained visibility due to the ever-evolving digital world. 

Every painting of hers mirrors a different state of mind and reflects on the torrid time of her growing up in Syria. Adapting to the circumstances has made her stand apart in the vast world of art. The unique elements have contributed to her enigmatic artwork. Lina Faroussi’s uniqueness in art, vigour, and determination to succeed as a visual artist has made her evolve as a fine artist.

Do follow her on Instagram – https://instagram.com/linafaroussi?utm_medium=copy_link

Connect with her on – https://linaartstore.ca/

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