Support For AmBank Credit Cards Is Added To Google Wallet

Support For AmBank Credit Cards Is Added To Google Wallet

AmBank has declared that Google Wallet now accepts its credit cards. This means that bank customers can now use Google Pay on their phones to make cashless transactions over the counter using their cards.

When Google Wallet was first made available in Malaysia last year, it was limited to supporting specific cards from CIMB, Hong Leong, and HSBC.

Since then, Bonuslink’s virtual loyalty card and support for Standard Chartered, Wise, and now AmBank have been added.

The virtual wallet accepts all AmBank and AmBank Islamic cards, with the exception of the UnionPay credit card and the Mastercard debit card, according to its FAQ [PDF].

Additional cards must be added to the app separately, and the same card may be added to a maximum of 10 devices.

The bank notes that while it usually happens within 10 minutes of the enrollment request, the card should be activated as soon as it is added.

Maybank is still one of the few significant local banks that Google’s payment app does not support, even with AmBank joining the mix.

However, given that a Google Pay banner was recently seen in Maybank’s MAE app before being removed, things could soon change.

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