Taking giant strides across the music niche is an astute Sufi singer and music artist, Hamzah Khan.

<strong>Taking giant strides across the music niche is an astute Sufi singer and music artist, Hamzah Khan.</strong>

Hamzah Khan’s soulful music compositions coupled with melodious tunes has enthralled millions of listeners.

It is special to see the rise and emergence of many new young budding talents across diverse sectors of the society. Be it be the Business arena, Retail sector, IT industry, Healthcare or Entertainment world. Many spirited and passionate souls have taken over discrete domains and have mesmerized millions of people with their talent and skills. The entertainment and music industry has been one of those niches which has welcomed thousands of new talent who have continued to emerge victorious by providing sheer joy, entertainment and happiness to millions of audiences around the world. Creative ideas, innovative music, and mesmerizing songs, all have amalgamated to give tremendous impetus to artists and equally to audiences in terms of listening experiences. As music pours internal peace in people’s hearts, it’s very important for any musician to perform very creatively to entertain the audience. We met one such passionate and driven singer and music professional named Hamzah Khan who has spiraled his way to the top in the  UK music industry.

Exuding sheer brilliance as an one of a kind Sufi singer and music artist, Hamzah Khan has turned people’s attention towards Sufi music, an innate art and form of music which has been long forgotten yet has been alive, thanks to inspiring music professionals like Hamzah Khan. What started as a hobby turned into a full-time profession in no time and today Hamzah Khan is sailing high in the music industry as a creative music artist and a rare gem who promises to keep the Sufi music genre in safe hands. He grew up listening to the likes of Sami Yusuf and Maher Zain and also the legend Nusrat Fateh Ali khan. Hamzah has become a popular nasheed across the Islamic world, explaining that in Arabic, it means “chants.” It is a work of a vocal artist, including hymns that are either sung Cappella or with instruments, as per a particular style or tradition in Islam.

Taking the mantle on his head of making Sufi music popular again, Hamzah Khan has swiftly become an popular Sufi artist who has been performing at many Asian weddings in the UK and also around the globe. Revolutionizing the music realm, Hamzah has brought in his Sufi style Islamic music into the wedding scene. He opines that “it is a new way of starting the journey off for couples in a blessed way praising  Allah & The Last Prophet Muhammad”.

Hamzah Khan has also been a kind soul contributing towards the economy at large. He has been part of many initiatives that have helped people in the UK, the Middle East, Pakistan, Lebanon and Bangladesh Rohingya for which he was awarded a certificate as an international nasheed artist and for humanitarian work by the Luton Mayor.

For more information, do follow him on Instagram @hamzahkhanofficial to know more and check out his Spotify account.

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