Taking over the sneaker World, Meet Roman Vargas, also known as “Drakula.”

Taking over the sneaker World, Meet Roman Vargas, also known as “Drakula.”

Drakula owns a thriving business named “Retro Kicks,” which now has become a premier sneaker and lifestyle store in New York.
It is amazing to learn about how a few brands and businesses have thrived in their respective sectors over the years, even amidst being around highly competitive brands. It is even more astounding to learn about people and professionals who brought massive growth and success to their brands in industries like these, where surviving and flourishing were demanding tasks. However, the ideas and the many broad visions of these professionals helped their brands become what they are today and helped them stand at prominent positions in their sectors.

The sneaker business is one, which over the years, has shown an immense growth. brands like Retro Kicks ( is one such. by passionate sneaker lovers like Roman Vargas, also known as Drakula have made all the difference there is in the industry today. Drakula is a leading sneaker and streetwear influencer who has stayed consistent in the industry for the last 20 years. He is from Dominican descent and has attained close to 1 million followers across all social media platforms.

Retro Kicks, which is his brainchild, has been making some massive buzz in the industry, becoming a premier sneaker and lifestyle store in New York with thousands of purchases. The brand has achieved so much momentum that many top names and artists have become the brand’s buyers and collectors like Jay- Z, Rihanna, Kanye West, J Balvin, Anuel AA, and Ozuna, to name a few. apart from influencers, athletes, music executives, and entertainers.
Drakula (@lmp8519) has also always remained in the news for his networking skills and for hosting VIP events for The NBA, Puma, and fashion designers. Hosting “La Loteria de la Leche” with daily raffle shows has earned him and his brand even more presence and prominence as well.

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