The Brilliant Voice Artist who you should know about- Tod Fennell

The Brilliant Voice Artist who you should know about- Tod Fennell

A descendant of two theater veterans (his father is a Canadian producer of Cats), Fennell has been an entertainer since childhood. His parents, who owned a dance school, enrolled him in acting classes at a very early age.

 Having cut his teeth on stage, he quickly moved into television and landed guest roles on shows such as ‘Goosebumps’ and ‘You’re Afraid of the Dark’. He has finally landed a regular role in the rebooted series Lassie, which airs in Canada. …

 “Yes, I spent a lot of time explaining what this dog had to say,” jokes Fennell, recalling this wonderful opportunity.

 He got his first voice acting experience in radio commercials before graduating from video games. While he technically played in series like Prince of Persia and Batman Arkham from the start, you won’t recognize him in any of these games as it is mainly used for temporary hints.

 Speaking of this, Fennell said, “I make these vertical cuts for internal use only. You know, they are going to use my voice when they release a game or when they want to promote it. Presenting work in progress. My first real role was in Rainbow Six Vegas, where I voiced guys who got shot in the head.

 From this humble beginnings, however, Fennell has amassed an impressive track record of work with the likes of Ubisoft and Eidos. Among others, he has played leading roles in Assassin’s Creed III, Monster Hunter Stories 2, and Far Cry: New Dawn.

 Looking to the horizon, you can also hear his voice in the titles Rainbow Six Extraction, House of Ashes and of course Kena: Bridge of Spirits

For more on Tarot, Fennell said: “The boss version is aggressive and comes out of anger, but someone did it. More than this voice. The tarot version I played was traumatized, and his pain began when he was much younger. So I made my voice more vulnerable.

 While he couldn’t tell too much about the character’s plot, he explained that much of Ta The River Bow learned to come to terms with the loss of a painful spot, so I took advantage of moments when I personally experienced that emotion

 “I lost my mother at 23, she was too young. When something happens, you feel a combination of anger, resentment, sadness, and guilt. Feelings of guilt because you feel like you should have done more. I tried to incorporate all of this into the character of the Tarot.’’ Says Tod.

 What really impressed Fennell about the game was how he spent his time researching this complex material. The ability to show all these deeper layers. You know the frames. It doesn’t feel like 10 seconds and then that’s it. You are rewarded for going through the process of freeing souls with a fitting story of how they got there. ”  According to Fennell, this is underlined. The narrative is also reflected behind the scenes. In particular, the voice actor was very surprised when he was tasked with getting to know his character.

You can continue Tod Fennell on Instagram and Cameo. If you would like to see his latest updates, you can visit his Twitter. You can also visit his official website to see his portfolio.

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