The correct method and breathing exercises in singing by Farshid Adhami, a famous Iranian musician

The correct method and breathing exercises in singing by Farshid Adhami, a famous Iranian musician

Breathing is one of the most important parameters of singing and acting and the most important condition of human life on earth. Therefore, it should be paid special attention to. A singer or actor, if he has a weak respiratory system and proper self-management during the performance of a song or game, basically can not have a place among professional singers because regardless of good voice and musical knowledge, the singer must be able to Adjust and manage his soul so that he does not have any problems during the performance of the piece of music. The problem that will be solved in the field of music today with mixing and mastering, but what if the work reaches the performance of live?

At first, when I became acquainted with singing through the diaphragm, I practiced deep breathing for hours. Some people pull their abdomen in when they take a deep breath; But to breathe deeply, you have to release the abdominal muscles from the pressure. I find this simple to understand; But it is difficult to find. After months of practicing and using different methods, I was able to experience deep breathing instinctively and naturally. Now I do not even know how to breathe by raising my chest. In the following, we will get acquainted with the methods that helped me a lot in this direction.

You should breathe slowly and naturally while lying on your back. The important part is to understand how it feels to use the diaphragm to breathe. Most people breathe through the diaphragm when they lie on their backs. Lie on your back for a few minutes each night before bed and practice breathing properly. Notice the ups and downs of your abdominal muscles. How do you feel now? Remember this feeling.

Unfortunately, if the singer lies on his back during the performance, the audience will get tired and leave the performance hall. So after doing this exercise, you should get up and lie down and repeat the same thing.

When you monitor your body movements, your breathing is more likely to be abnormal. Or you may not be able to focus on your abdominal muscles. Or you may not even be able to use your diaphragm to breathe while lying on your back on the floor. In this case, lie on the floor and place a book on your stomach. The book will move up when the air comes out of your lungs and the book will go down when the air enters. Note that the air intake into the lungs should be done slowly so that large volumes of air do not enter your lungs in a short time. Normally, inhaling should take 4 seconds and exhaling should take 6 seconds.

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