The current status of authentic Iranian music from Ebrahim Etemadi point of view

The current status of authentic Iranian music from Ebrahim Etemadi point of view

Authentic Iranian music is undoubtedly very beautiful and pleasing to the ears, and unique traditional music delights every listener. Along with this kind of music that is always pleasant, other styles have emerged that are not seen on stage.

Ebrahim Etemadi has been playing the keyboard for many years and has brought interesting and attractive works to the music market since his childhood.

Among these songs, his most famous song is the wordless composition of Bestaki’s voice “Delot Banazm”, which has been released all over the country and is considered one of the most popular songs in southern music.

This young and good-natured musician says about the musical mood of his country: “Music is an industry whose main wheel turns with music performance. Music performance attracts the audience and then the need for education is created.


Education creates the need for research and advertising work. The result of this research is the production of music, and the produced music is performed, and the cycle always continues, and the wheel of this industry turns, and if the performance suffers for any reason, the whole cycle stops.

The performance of different musics in Iran constantly increases and decreases. The music performer needs to prove many issues to the decision makers before the performance.

We have to reach a stage where the will of the artist is sufficient to perform, but due to the lack of the will of the artist, this process usually gets into trouble and many times the artist regrets performing.

For this reason, the music industry has never been good in Iran. For a long time, the music industry in Iran has been working in a bad way, but at certain times or places, the situation of music is good, but in general, the conditions for different music have not been favorable.

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