The most effective method to Find Your Lost Android Phone

The most effective method to Find Your Lost Android Phone

If you misplace your Android phone, there are a couple of things you can quickly do to find it, so take a full breath, breathe out leisurely, and follow these means as we tell you the best way to track down your lost Android.

What you need to locate a lost Android phone

Before you start looking for your lost telephone, know that there are a couple of prerequisites. Your telephone must be turned on, signed in to a Google account, associated with the web, and have GPS and Find My Device (you can check this by going to Settings > Security > Find My Device) turned on. In the event that your lost telephone is turned off or doesn’t meet any of the conditions recorded above, it’ll be hard to find.

How to find your lost Android phone

Whenever you’ve checked the nuts and bolts, go to and sign in with your Google account. Make certain to sign in with a similar Google account that was utilized on your lost telephone.

For the individuals who have recently the one telephone, logging in to this site will show you the area of your gadget. In the event that you have at least two telephones, you can tap the name of the lost telephone at the highest point of the site page to find it.

Note that the area of your telephone will show up on the guide in the right half of the screen. This area, Google notes, is estimated and may not be totally precise. Obviously, be prompted that if your telephone has been taken, it’s presumably not a smart thought to go chasing it down all alone.

How to play a sound on your lost Android phone

In the event that you failed to somewhere the map location, the guide area is helpful to recall where you failed to remember it. When you arrive at the area however (and you’re in a protected spot), you can pinpoint your telephone by pinging it.

To do this, you can sign in to with your Google account and select the telephone you can’t discover. Snap the Play Sound catch in the left sheet, which will play a tone on your telephone for five minutes constant, regardless of whether the gadget is in quiet mode.

How to lock your lost Android phone and put a message on the lock screen

On the same page, you can click Secure Device in the left on sheet to keep your lost telephone and sign out of your Google record to protect your information. This component permits you to show a message on the screen alongside a telephone number. On the off chance that you luck out and a caring more odd discovers your telephone, your message and substitute number could help them return it to you. At the point when you’ve composed the message and number, click Secure Device again to lock it.

How to remotely erase all data from your Android phone

If all hope that all expectation is gone and you’ve unfortunately lost your telephone for great, you can click Erase Device on the page to reestablish it to plant settings. You’ll need to hit the green Erase Device button a subsequent chance to affirm that you need to delete everything on the gadget. Simply note that this strategy will delete the information on theinternal storage, yet may not do exactly the same thing for SD cards in your phone.

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