The new iOS update allows iPhones to charge much faster

The new iOS update allows iPhones to charge much faster

An upcoming update for Apple iPhones should allow for much faster wireless charging.

This week, developers were given access to the final version of the iOS 17.2 update, indicating that the general public may receive it as early as next week. Numerous updates are included, such as the addition of a new Journal app and the capacity to record spatial videos that are compatible with the Apple Vision Pro.

The most recent version of that software also makes the iPhone 13 and 14 compatible with the Qi2 standard. That was already possible with the iPhone 15.

In order to ensure compatibility between chargers and phones, the technology industry developed the Qi2 standard, which is a wireless charging technology. Faster charging is possible with the second version of the standard, which allows for 15W of power—double the current limit.

As a result, the iPhone 13 and 14 should charge considerably faster when using non-Apple wireless chargers.

The MagSafe standard, which Apple created for , is used by its own chargers. This already permits 15W charging for iPhones; however, users are compelled to pay for Apple chargers, which are frequently more costly than those made by rival companies.

Users will be able to charge their iPhones more quickly as other charger manufacturers, like Anker, have now confirmed that they will support the Qi2 standard.

A number of features that were initially teased with the summer release of iOS 17 but were absent from the autumn release are included in the weeks-long development of iOS 17.2. Features like the Journal app, which provides prompts to automatically record memories, are included in this.

Along with other minor new features, it will also include bug fixes.

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