The newest luxury cruiser from Lincoln is a smartphone on wheels that runs Google

The newest luxury cruiser from Lincoln is a smartphone on wheels that runs Google

They are everywhere in everyday life—in people’s pockets, on walls in living rooms, and everywhere else. Screens are the main feature of new cars and are doing more than just taking the place of radio buttons, climate control knobs, and switchgear as automotive technology advances to meet the needs of an always connected society.

Ford (F) is leading the way in technology with its new, opulent Lincoln, which has a screen that isn’t found in other new cars.

The Lincoln Nautilus of 2024

The new dashboard designed with the driver in mind is the standout feature of the 2024 Lincoln Nautilus, not the car’s enormous size, interior space, or comfort.

Ford has installed a 48-inch wide 4K screen that spans the entire width of the windshield, showcasing a new electronic system they’re calling the “Digital Experience.”

The large screen is positioned at the base of the windshield and faces the driver’s line of sight, much like traditional gauge clusters. Important details like the car’s speed, tire pressure, and fuel level are displayed on the large screen along with extra apps like Spotify, weather, and navigation.

The section of the screen that faces the driver serves as a substitute for the conventional gauge cluster, showing crucial vehicle data like speed and warning lights in a manner consistent with a “normal” car.

This is where things start to change, though, toward the passenger side, where a customized interface can be created using data from connected apps, like the audio currently playing on Spotify or the weather.

With the help of Alphabet (GOOGL) affiliate Google, Ford/Lincoln’s Digital Experience employs an in-car infotainment system that remembers user preferences and settings, including music volume, temperature control, seats, mirrors, and display apps.

Though the Lincoln’s interior design evokes the command center of a spacecraft, Ford is highlighting how crucial it is to maintain a focused driving attitude. Ford CarPlay/Android Auto, Amazon’s Alexa, and Apple’s Siri have been integrated to perform tasks that would typically divert attention from the road, such as entering addresses for navigational directions, even though controls for audio, climate, and Apple CarPlay/Android Auto are situated on a touch screen next to the steering wheel.

The system can be used for more than just driving; it can also be used to play games, stream videos from YouTube and Prime Video, and even open the internet by connecting to Bluetooth keyboards.

A version of the technology may be modified for use on Ford’s upcoming automobiles. Ford intends to launch the Digital Experience across all of its auto brands, including the Blue Oval.

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