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The physique of Chris Hemsworth

The physique of Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth represents one of the ideal physique in the panorama of international cinema since he represents the archetype of the physicist of Thor, Nordic god. He is an Australian who started surfing and then, with a strong bodybuilding workout, he managed to reach a body envied by everyone. It is not for nothing that Thor’s Chris Hemsworthphysique has become one of the main inspirations for all the guys who start to attend the gym world. Let’s see in this short article how a person who wants to achieve these goals should be trained and what are the difficulties and problems he may encounter along the way.

How do you train to have Thor’s physique?

Training must involve a training program for all muscles with high loads and medium-low repetitions. It is important to use a high load in order to reach a certain level of muscle stimulation. Only by putting our muscles in difficulty can we give them an incentive to grow. However, a high-calorie diet must be accompanied, i.e. it must presuppose a higher calorie intake than that which is burned with training, since the body in conditions of stress is not encouraged to grow. Our physique in fact tries to stay in a condition of savings, consequently if we do not supply the right amount of petrol and let it go in reserve, surely the performance will be affected. So following a nutritionist who sets us a high calorie diet can be an excellent prerequisite for achieving these results. There is no magic, however, in fact the world of cinema is often influenced by many factors, which we will see in the next chapter.

The physique in cinema

However, there are problems that must be considered in all the physique we see in the world of cinema, genetics and doping.

At first there is certainly genetics, since many people are more facilitated to grow than others, so if we also set up a diet and training like people with huge physique we would probably never get to their results because we are different genetically and maybe less lead to muscle growth.

Secondly, there is the problem of doping, since the actors who are preparing for an important role in which it is necessary to have a physique sculpted in a short time, use testosterone derivatives in order to stimulate muscle growth. Therefore you should not be fooled by those who show certain types of physique in the world of famous people.

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