The Redmi 13C, India’s newest Android smartphone priced around $100, is set to launch soon

The Redmi 13C, India’s newest Android smartphone priced around $100, is set to launch soon

Redmi India has revealed that the smartphone, which is also occasionally referred to as the POCO C65, will soon be available as the 13C. It will launch in its new market at a price point less than $100 and come in two “Starshine Design” colorways. Meanwhile, it made its way onto Geekbench through a leak that may provide an idea of the specifications associated with that price range.

Redmi has announced that the 13C, the newest “50MP AI” Android smartphone on the market, will eventually make its way to India. Included in the device’s “Starshine Design” is the primary rear camera, which is essentially a dual rear camera variant of the Xiaomi 13-series design.

Based on a new Geekbench leak involving the model number Xiaomi 2310FPCA4I, the Indian version of the 13C with a 3.5mm jack should be a 4G/LTE-only smartphone powered by the MediaTek Helio G85. This purported variation on the original 13C identifier is currently associated with the G85 (also known as “ARM MT6769V/CZ” in the benchmark), an Android 13-based operating system, and 8GB of RAM.

Redmi may have unintentionally confirmed most of those details, especially by marketing the 13C as a device with “up to 16GB and 256GB storage,” which implies that it actually has 8GB of internal memory that can be expanded. Additionally, a “large” 90Hz display shielded by Gorilla Glass will be powered by its SoC. The OEM claims that this is unusual for a device in its price range.

In light of this, Redmi says it will offer 13C units for as low as 7,999 INR—that is, in conjunction with its impending “bank deals” On December 12, 2023, all of their information will be made public, along with that of the 13C itself. It looks like the 13C 5G release will come first.

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