The success story of Tanakan Somjit how they become a successful Thailand Entrepreneur and Musical Artist

The success story of Tanakan Somjit how they become a successful Thailand Entrepreneur and Musical Artist

Tanakan Somjit is a young Entrepreneur and Musical artist from Thailand and He is the CEO/Co-Founder of Sugarmedia (Digital Marketing Company)Tanakan Somjit is a famous Thailand singer and recently launched his new album song “Love me”.

He is a musician, YouTuber, and popular entrepreneur. He was born on 29 October 2001 in Pathum Thai, Thailand. His singing is well-liked by the public and his words easily find a way into people’s hearts. From childhood, He was inclined to dream and think big. His family told us that he was always experimenting with new things.

 Things that were well beyond his age. Having found an undying love for technology, he ventured to open a digital marketing company at the mere age of 20. Soon it came to be known as Somjit where he is CEO/Founder. His Co-Partner was a constant support and help to his successful journey. These two were inseparable from the very start of the journey and the success is the mutual product of their teamwork.

Now serving as the President at Awss.Allworldsocialservice has collaborated with many brands in different fields including beauty, fashion, and jewellery, and helped them establish a permanent name in their respective industries. Apart from this Somjit has also worked with foreign brands. Out of which, Tanakan has personally handled 50+ Million audiences with efficiency and ease.The love he has found in his work and received from his clients has been a constant source of inspiration.

Tanakan Somjit puts a great emphasis on smart work and consistency. “Neither should we stop working when things get tough nor should we stop to rest on our good days. We must always move ahead without looking back so that one day we look back and realise that we’ve moved far beyond what we could have imagined.” Tanakan Somjit.

It is very hard to earn a glorious name in this profession. But we’ve seen the two Co-Partners, Somjit and Sam have left no stone unturned. Somjit is 20+ years old now. And he has high aspirations for the future. Having insights into his understanding of the world. We can say he won’t stop until he reaches his utmost potential.

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