The Teaser Video Reveals the High-End Polestar Phone Design

The Teaser Video Reveals the High-End Polestar Phone Design

Polestar Telephone Configuration Revealed

Swedish electric vehicle maker Polestar as of late sent swells through the tech local area by disclosing its introduction to the cell phone domain. The organization, worshipped for its imaginative way to deal with supportable versatility, prodded its impending cell phone, suitably named the “Polestar Telephone,” during an occasion, uncovering a brief look at its outside plan in a brief video.

The uncovered piece displayed a plan suggestive of the Meizu 20 series, highlighting the particular Polestar logo embellishing the back and a camera module complemented by a defensive ring made from Swedish gold. Prominently, the telephone’s plan language appears to draw motivation from the feel of Polestar’s vehicles, further emphasizing the brand’s remarkable character. Also, the Polestar brand name is carefully engraved at the edge of the gadget.

The video finished with the presence of Star Narrative Meizu Gathering’s Director and President, Shen Ziyu, affirming an association with the Meizu 20 series of telephones, indicating an organization or shared plan components.

Reports propose that the Polestar Telephone will coordinate with Polestar vehicles, running the Polestar operating system canny cockpit framework. Spectators noticed a similarity between the UI of the Polestar Telephone and Meizu’s FlymeOS, connoting a possible innovative cooperation.

Separating the Polestar Telephone from Meizu’s contributions, Shen Ziyu stressed its situation as a “very good quality cell phone,” attracting a correlation with Huawei’s Porsche Plan series, featuring a designated cost of 10,000 yuan. This situating intends to lift the gadget to a renowned level similar to extravagance cell phone variations.

Explaining the setup, Shen Ziyu uncovered plans for a solitary model, unmistakable from Meizu’s different reach, situating the gadget explicitly for Polestar vehicle proprietors and devotees as a component of the general Polestar way of life experience.

Polestar’s dive into the cell phone space connotes a development past electric vehicles as well as clues at an imaginative way to deal with incorporating innovation into the domain of car encounters. The authority send off in December is profoundly expected, offering devotees a brief look into the combination of innovation and portability inside the Polestar environment.

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