The top dietary adjustments made by Americans in 2024

The top dietary adjustments made by Americans in 2024

Many individuals are thinking about their New Year’s plans, and according to new study, more than a third (34%) of people believe that improving their diet will be the hardest thing to do this year—more than improving their love relationship (22%) or even their career (9%).
According to a poll conducted among 2,000 participants, dietary adjustments will be the main focus for 2024. Approximately half of the respondents (57%) stated that their top aim for the year would be to make more ethical food choices, while 37% said they would limit their consumption of red meat and 56% said they would establish more eco-friendly daily routines.

Furthermore, 67% of respondents say they will probably replace what they’re eating with better options, and 67% say they’ll make at least three healthy substitutions.

Among these substitutions are eating more turkey (31%), drinking more water (62%), preparing homemade salad dressing (59%), and eating fruits (34%), rather than pork or sugary drinks.

Additionally, half of them will reconsider their breakfast selections; of those who make healthy changes, 85% will choose turkey over pork when it comes to bacon.

The study, which was carried out by OnePoll on behalf of Godshall’s Quality Meats, also revealed that people are more motivated to be healthy for their partner than for themselves (28% vs. 19%).

However, they also expect some challenges in the future. Seven out of ten (73%) believe it will be challenging to learn how to cook or make better substitutes for the ones they are creating.

Some think it won’t be so simple to convince their family to appreciate these selections (59%) and to discover new go-to foods that they love (51%).
Parker Wallace, the proprietor of Parker’s Plate, said that switching from hog bacon to turkey bacon is an easy and healthful option for anyone following a high-protein diet or trying to cut back on fat. “Turkey bacon made without additives tastes great and has half the saturated fat and less total fat than pork bacon.”

Almost eight out of ten (78%) people stated it’s simpler to start with little changes rather than to completely modify one’s diet when it comes to choosing healthier choices.

Furthermore, they are letting their past make the decisions: 60% of them, or six out of ten, have already made some of the healthy changes they intend to make in the upcoming year.
According to Ron Godshall, President of Godshall’s Quality Meats, “looking for brands that take sustainable actions to create an environmental impact is important as consumers become more eco-conscious in 2024.” “In addition to lowering our carbon footprint, we’ve committed to going green by utilizing solar energy and clean-burning natural gas.”

THE hardest aspects in life to change by 2024

Individual interests and pastimes: 49%
Fitness: 43 percent
Diet (34%).
Friends and family: 27%
romantic connection: 22%
Career: 9%
My love connection is the most difficult part of my life to improve in 2024, according to 22% of respondents to the poll; my career comes in at 9%.
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Make more moral food decisions: 57%
Create more environmentally friendly daily routines (using reusable tote bags, saving power and water, etc.). – 56%
Limit your intake of red meat to 37%.
Consume more healthfully – 37%

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