The World of the Small Under The Lens

The World of the Small Under The Lens

Writer: John Burton

Insect O Cide is a film with a strong message about our future. There is an environmental catastrophe brewing in the world of the smallest of animals: the steady decline in insect populations. A film by director Georgina Willis, carefully outlines the issues we face as a consequence of our thoughtless behaviour towards these important creatures.

The film is a masterful visual piece where the insects loom large on the screen making their plight for their survival, a shared experience with us. Georgina Willis takes us on an important journey where the full range of issues is explored. The film begins with the evolution of insects and their beginning as they crawled out of the sea 400 million years ago to become a crucial part of the animal world.

Willis’ film cleverly covers all the pressures that insects currently face including a loss of habitat, climate change and continued heavy use of pesticides. It’s a cocktail of issues that is having a truly devastating impact on insects. The film asks some big questions and is brave enough to put some of the big corporations under the microscope too. As Georgina Willis says “we are running out of time to make changes. The extinction rate for insects is now much faster than that for mammals. We are at the start of the sixth mass extinction. We won’t be on the planet if insects are not here too. “

Georgina Willis’ Insect O Cide is in post production and will be released early in the new year.

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