Tim Enso’s Latest EP, “Babylon,” is Out Now on Sudam Recordings

<a></a><strong>Tim Enso’s Latest EP, “Babylon,” is Out Now on Sudam Recordings</strong>

Artemiy Reimch – professionally known as Tim Enso, is an electronic music producer and DJ, has released his latest EP Babylon on Sudam Recordings. Known for his brilliant production skills, Tim is versed in incorporating influences from deep house to techno to give each song a unique twist. This latest project is no exception.

In these two deep house tracks, beyond doubt, he proves why he’s unarguably the best in his field with a captivating mix of Middle Eastern melodies and electronic music that weaves an intricate tapestry for listeners to get lost in. As usual, the artist has created a captivating blend of vocals and instrumentals that intertwine together effortlessly into something uniquely different from most other producers today.

Released earlier this month, Babylon captures what Tim Enso does best by producing mesmerizing electronic soundscapes with engaging lyrics. The project is yet another impressive addition to Tim’s discography, which includes his successful remix of Another Brick in The Wall. Since its launch, the remix has reached over 1M streams on music streaming platforms and received massive support from notable personalities, including Tiesto, Nora En Pure, Nicky Romero, R3Hab, Korolova, Eran Hersha, D-Nox, and many more DJs.

Tim’s production skills are out of this world, and there is no denying that. His unique combination of electronic music and live saxophone performances has garnered fans’ attention, many praising the producer for energetic experiences. Although like Tim’s other productions, the tracks in Babylon are dance compatible, it also provides plenty of room for more laid-back listening. The artist says this is an insight into what his fans can expect from the projects in his pipeline.

After being involved in music for most of his life, Tim is well-learned and versed at deciphering his listeners’ tastes. In a recent interview, the artist revealed that he began learning to play instruments when he was 7 years old. He attended a local music school in his hometown in Russia, and his first musical instrument was the violin. From there, he went on to play the piano, accordion, and saxophone. He has since stopped playing other instruments besides the saxophone.

His live performances include captivating vocals and instrumentals that weave together for a truly compelling listening experience. “I really enjoy using eastern melodies with organic instruments and live percussion,” Tim shares. However, he adds that only a few things compare to the feeling he gets when he sees people leave their seats and flock to the dance floor to enjoy his productions. “It’s a signal that my audiences can connect to my music.”

In addition to producing music for others, Tim is currently working on personal projects and has several releases on worldwide labels, such as Purified Records by Nora En Pure. His goals include launching his record label someday and owning an online music school for interested music enthusiasts who lack an opportunity to pursue this space in their country or city. Tim is also passionate about the up-and-coming artists who strive to leave their mark in the industry. He closes on this note, “Be unique, Seeking inspiration is fine, but do you, and don’t simply copy other artists. Never be afraid to be different.”

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