Tips about singing from the language of Mohammad Amighi

Tips about singing from the language of Mohammad Amighi

There are many ways to acquire singing skills. But the most important issue is your personal training and talent in singing.

If you study in the best schools, but you will not get the desired result until you follow the tips and practice properly.

1. Enhance and build your voice.

Like an instrument, the voice needs to be tuned. Strengthen your larynx muscles and this will only be achieved with practice.

2. Find the limits of your voice.

Each person has limitations in his voice area. And this is if you do not observe this restriction, an inappropriate sound will be produced, which will not be enjoyable.

3. Nimrin and focus on breathing.

One of the main principles in sound enhancement is correct breathing. You have to breathe for every word and hold enough air in your lungs.

4. Warm up your larynx before singing.

Singing requires warming up the voice and larynx. The reason for this is to focus on technique.

If you have not warmed up your larynx, it will cause you not to focus enough on the technique. Because in this case, you will be looking for the best position of your voice.

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