Tips that every guitarist should know from the point of view of Mr. Saeed Rahmany, a successful and famous singer

Tips that every guitarist should know from the point of view of Mr. Saeed Rahmany, a successful and famous singer

One of the mistakes that some students and musicians make is that they suddenly stop practicing and move on to another job! Or, for example, they go to a music school and leave the instrument for a few days after class. You need to have a specific schedule and start and end your workouts. In the end, you should not finish your training by performing technical and fast parts. Let the relaxation in your hands show itself, then finish your workout by performing a gentle piece (for example, in the case of Andante or Adagio).

– In the above article, the method of starting and ending the exercises was examined, but you should note that a professional musician attaches great importance to his hands, so you should also think professionally and play a professional instrument. It does not matter if you are a student or a professional. Before starting the exercises with the instrument, do some stretching exercises and try to prepare them for the exercise by flexing and massaging your fingers.

After each hard workout or at regular intervals, for example after 15 minutes, get up and do stretching exercises for a few minutes and transfer deep energy to yourself by taking deep breaths. One of the things that many students forget is breathing through the piece! Try to learn with the help of your teacher when and where you should breathe, this point shows its effects in high-speed and long-term parts and brings you a lot of fatigue! Injury is not only a feeling of pain in the muscles, but also fatigue caused by not breathing properly while playing is one of the injuries that can cause bad effects on your body in the long run.

One of the bad habits in playing is that you do not have a certain time for your rehearsals, and worse, that every few hours you do a short rehearsal with great intensity on the instrument and go back to your other work and do it. Repeat several times during the day. Aside from not making good progress in playing, your muscles and body also react to this type of exercise, which increases your vulnerability.

– Exercise is not just physical. Instead of playing with your muscles alone, prepare your mind for the workout by looking at the sheet music of the piece before you begin each workout, either step by step or by piece. According to the author (author), many muscle exercises only take your time! In fact, you just get bored and give yourself a false sense of accomplishment. While with mental exercises, you can make better use of your time with less pressure and higher efficiency. Many famous musicians have been unable to play the instrument due to excessive pressure. The other time of physical training has ended with spending many hours, and the effect that one hour of mental training has on you is more than hours of physical training. (This is what many contemporary virtuosos like Glenn Gould say).

A professional musician is someone who, even when he makes a mistake, treats the audience as if nothing had happened and continues to work calmly. Mistakes in the performance or forgetting the sheet music is not a strange and unbearable thing, and many of the most prominent musicians in the world have mistakes in their performances, but what is the difference between them and other musicians? What matters is how you deal with it. One way to solve this problem (frowning or clenching your teeth) is to keep your mouth open when playing. You may be a little strange, but it is a completely practical and scientific method, and apart from that, you will help a lot to improve your respiratory condition!

The most important thing in practice and in music in general is to have a goal. To practice each piece and each etude and each step, specify the goal and points that you want from it. Exercises based on habit and compulsion cause you the most mental damage

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