Toyota bZ3C & bZ3X EVs in Production-Spec are Revealed

Toyota bZ3C & bZ3X EVs in Production-Spec are Revealed

Toyota presented the bZ3C and bZ3X at the Beijing Auto Show, which is currently taking place in China. The vehicles were first shown at the same event in 2023 in an unfinished conceptual design. While the production-spec bZ3X is greatly influenced by the bZ FlexSpace Concept, the bZ Sport Crossover Concept is reminiscent of the bZ3C. During the next 12 months, they will be introduced in China.

Technical details regarding the electrified duo have not yet been disclosed by the Japanese automajor. Toyota’s Intelligent ElectroMobility R&D Center in Tokyo, Chinese EV manufacturers BYD and FAW, and Toyota have collaborated to create the Toyota bZ3C. A shut-off front grille and horizontal light bars at the front and back are two of the bZ3X’s sleek, contemporary design features.

It gets two-tone machined alloy wheels, a large boot opening, smart door handles that blend in seamlessly with the side bodywork, and black finished pillars and roof as part of a dual-tone theme. Both EVs are undoubtedly influenced by the most recent Prius and bZ4X offered in foreign markets, and the bZ3X’s sophisticated crossover appearance is further enhanced by its overall clean profile.

The Toyota bZ3X’s interior includes an all-digital instrument console and a sizable touchscreen infotainment screen positioned in the center. Similar to the outside, the interior of the cabin has a pleasing light theme and a minimalist appearance that is enhanced by a large glass roof. Comparatively speaking, the Toyota bZ3X is larger and sportier-looking than the bZ3C.

According to Toyota, the most recent driver-assistance technologies will be available for the bZ3C and bZ3X. The latter will appeal to buyers with families who want to own a roomy SUV with zero tailpipe emissions, while the former will target Gen Z consumers. Guangzhou Automobile Group, GAC Toyota Motor, and Toyota’s IEM collaborated in the development of the bZ3X.

The pair may not be successful in developed markets outside of China because they are only intended for the Chinese market. In the second half of 2025, Toyota plans to launch a completely new electric SUV in India. It will be built around the upcoming Maruti Suzuki eVX and have a 60 kWh battery pack with a range of about 550 km.

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