Turning heads with his impeccable skills in music, make way for new music sensation Chinito

Turning heads with his impeccable skills in music, make way for new music sensation Chinito

With his latest track Noche en Shibuya, DJ Lead feat. Chinito & AKLO, they are making much noise in the industry already.

Having the vision to attain great goals and glory in one’s chosen industry is one thing, and to choose to walk on less-trodden paths, make bold choices, and do the distinctive to stay unique in the industry and turn those visions into a reality is a different thing altogether. People who belong to the latter category make sure to surrender to their dreams and put in every possible effort to become their best versions. Chinito did exactly that in the world of music and emerged as the new music sensation and artist on the block, showcasing great promise, excelling in Spanish and English and emerging as the new face of the Spanglish Movement.

Chinito stands tall and unique as one of those music talents who possesses every possible quality to become the next best thing in the industry. His music talents have been such that he has attracted major attention from all music lovers out there. In fact, Rolling Loud will be taking the festival to Thailand this April (the first time the festival comes to Asia), and three people will be representing Japan, the biggest hip hop group BADHOP, the No. 1 DJ Group REPEZEN FOXX, and the new kid on the block Chinito. He started making music at 11 years, began professionally at 16 years, and now at 24, is already out with one of the most talked-about tracks titled Noche en Shibuya – DJ Lead (aka the king of Japan) feat. Chinito & AKLO.

He is the son of a world-renowned chef and viral sensation, El Ninja and has also been his father’s right hand man from the start. On TikTok, Chinito has also remained viral as the “Sushi guy” and is now set to show his true talents to the world, taking the family business to the next level. Speaking on Ninja, he says he is a part of the group that holds the Guinness World Record for the largest Mangu 2021 and is now going to set the record for the World’s biggest Sancocho. Ninja is the executive chef of Vaka Restaurant in Lawrence, Massachusetts, and we will soon open a restaurant in Orlando (Daddy Ninja Restaurant).

Coming back to Chinito (@chinito2800), this young and dynamic music artist is already getting great support from DJ Enuff and Heavy Hitters, thanks to the immense potential and talent he has shown as a passionate music artist. He is looking forward to what his future holds for him in music.

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