Unidentified Motorola smartphone with 8GB RAM and Snapdragon 695 appears on GeekBench

Unidentified Motorola smartphone with 8GB RAM and Snapdragon 695 appears on GeekBench

Recently, an unidentified Motorola smartphone was observed on a well-known benchmarking site. Some of its primary specifications were made public by the database, though it’s still unclear what this device’s official name is. These are the things we currently know.

GeekBench XT2363-4 Motorola

It was observed that the company’s upcoming device was identified by the model number XT2363-4. The phone’s Android version, chipset, and RAM were all visible by looking at the online listing.

The enigmatic Motorola XT2363-4 is outfitted with an eight-core Qualcomm CPU, comprising six cores operating at 1.8GHz and two cores clocking in at 2.21GHz. The Adreno 619 GPU is paired with the Snapdragon 695 SoC, the chipset in question.

Since this processor is commonly found in mid-range smartphones, it is likely that this model will aim to compete in a comparable price range. The Snapdragon 695 SoC is paired with 8GB of RAM and comes pre-installed with Android 14, as verified by the GeekBench listing.

The unidentified Motorola XT2363-4 scored 2037 points in the multicore test and 911 points in the single core test with these specifications. It’s interesting to note that the model of this Moto phone was recently spotted by China’s 3C certification body.

It will include a power brick that can provide 20W of fast charging, as confirmed by this prior sighting. Regretfully, there are currently no known specifics regarding the device, such as its name, design, or price.

However, Motorola is expected to provide more details or make the smartphone’s official China debut later this month. Please return soon as more information about this device becomes available, as will be updating this post.

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