Users’ usernames will soon be searchable on WhatsApp

Users’ usernames will soon be searchable on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is expected to release a new search bar feature soon that will let users look up other users using their usernames in an effort to improve user privacy and connectivity. The update attempts to simplify the process of connecting with friends and contacts while doing away with the need to share personal phone numbers, as seen in a screenshot released by WABetaInfo.

Users who would rather not reveal their phone numbers will be able to setup a username with the upcoming feature, which offers a certain level of anonymity. For those who value privacy and want more control over their personal data, this move should be especially beneficial. Remarkably, users have complete discretion over whether to utilize this new feature as setting up a username is totally.

As per an alleged report, users will possess total authority over this feature, permitting them to modify, eliminate, or add their username whenever they want. Thanks to this flexibility, users can customize their privacy settings to suit their requirements and personal preferences.

The ability to search for usernames using the search bar is still under development and should be released in a later version of the WhatsApp app. Whether the feature will be made available for both iOS and Android is currently unknown.

In related news, WhatsApp has introduced a secret code feature, which is a new security measure. With the help of this feature, users can give their locked chats an additional degree of privacy by creating a password that is distinct from their phone unlock code.

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO and founder of Meta, announced the release of the Chat Lock secret code on WhatsApp. He emphasized that users can now make sure that their most private conversations show up only when the secret code is typed into the search bar, providing an extra layer of protection against inadvertent discovery.

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