VA Mobile Detail introduces New Yearly Mold Inspection Service just before the onset of winter

VA Mobile Detail introduces New Yearly Mold Inspection Service just before the onset of winter

Leading car detailing company VA Mobile Detail is pleased to announce their new Yearly Mold Inspection service from this month onwards. The company has promised a professional Full Mold Inspection by a trained and professional detailer at a convenient package. The new service is available for car owners across Norfolk, Virginia Beach and other surrounding local areas across Virginia.

As per the statements of the company spokesperson, their new mold inspection service is inspired by their alarming discovery of 300+ cases of mold in their clients’ cars in recent times. Mold infestation not only hampers the beauty of your car but is also extremely harmful to the health of your family. 

“We are glad to announce the launch of our new yearly mold inspection service from this month. With winter almost knocking at the door, it’s high time to get your car checked for mold presence. We had recently detailed over 300 vehicles which showed the dangerous presence of mold. Mold not only affects the interior of your car but is also harmful to the health of your family and pets. Mold problems can lead to breathing issues and serious respiratory problems. But, the good part is the problem can be easily prevented if you are little alert about mold inspection. And this is where our yearly mold inspection service comes to your rescue”, stated the spokesperson from VA Mobile Detail.

The spokesperson stressed that mold in the car is caused by regular everyday activities like eating and drinking inside the car. Unmindful spillage of drinks can lead to mold growth if not cleared on time. He said that mold is especially a problem in the winter than in the summer months. In summer, the weather is dry and hot and hence the spilled liquids inside the car evaporate. But, with the onset of fall and winter, the humidity in the air prevents evaporation and the spilled mess fast turns into a total organic menace which can even be fatal for health.

Speaking further, the spokesperson mentioned about certain signs to watch out for that scream about an urgent need of mold inspection inside the car: 

  • Wet spots
  • Spill stains inside the car
  • Frequent headaches when you ride or drive your car
  • Musty smells
  • Mold growth

“It is absolutely important for every car to go through yearly mold inspections, especially prior to the cold season. Spillage is one of the most common mishaps inside a car when you eat or drink inside your vehicle. If you don’t clean it on time, it will lead to mold growth in fall due to high humidity and further infestation in winter due to cold air. So, make sure to get your car inspected for a mold infestation to keep your family safe and healthy before it’s too late. And when you need the most professional and expert yearly mold inspection, we are the team for you.” 

VA Mobile Detail’s yearly mold inspection package can be followed by an expert Cleaning and Detailing Package as well. 

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