Verna Fogg Is Creating The Future of Art

Verna Fogg Is Creating The Future of Art

We came across an artist who’s creating a whole new lane when it comes to art pieces in 2022. Her name is Verna Fogg. She’s currently hailing from Brooklyn, New York, and she’s most known for her style which is called “Pop Art.” Pop Art or popular Art is the creation of mass culture in a modern day perspective. She  uses Pop Art as an influence for her mixed media paintings, and 3D custom pieces for her clients. Her favorite piece that she’s created as of today is called, Musical Paradise. “There is peace and serenity in music which takes me to paradise.”, says Verna.

Verna Fogg began creating art in 2013 while working a job. While working, she decided that the steady 9-5 lifestyle wasn’t something she saw for herself in her future, and decided to push forward with her journey as an artist. She made her first sale in 2015, and that’s the same year she decided that she was going to resign from her job and pursue art full time. 

Verna Fogg established her company V F Artist Inc. in 2016, and since then has been making her living full time off creating and selling art pieces. Her favorite piece that she’s created as of now is called, Musical Paradise. One of her biggest influences include an artist from the 1980s named Tom Wesselman, who was also focused on a similar art style called, Pop Art. “My goal is for the buyer to think outside the box and tap into their imagination when they see my work. I want them to close their eyes and try to become one with the painting while imagining that they are actually in the painting”, says Verna.

Verna Fogg is an artist who seems to have a bright future ahead of her. She’s one of the few artists who are actually running a successful business and living off her craft full time. Definitely an inspiration for all rising artists with a similar goal. Make sure to follow Verna Fogg on all social media platforms @vernafoggartist in order to stay up to date with all future content and art pieces by this current rising Pop Artist. 






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